“God will make a way,
Where there seems to be no way.
He works in ways,
We cannot see, but He will make a way for me”


It’s a word that is often thrown around, exposing those that aren’t using it, but as a Christian, is there a line between logic and faith?
I believe there is.

Provision does not always come from the most obvious of places, success does not always come from the most conventional of careers. Sometimes you look around you and it just does not seem logical to be optimistic, to have faith. Those, I find, are the hardest times to praise God, when it just seems like you are at a dead end, when your hope is gone and all that is left is logic staring you down, reminding you why so many people do not serve the God you serve.

“If logic and reason are such hurdles, why would God give them to us in the first place”- to be honest this is a question that could leave me stumped because ironically, I cannot think of a logical response to it. If I had to give one, I would say, God needs to be recognized as God, he needs to show up when the situation is impossible, when the outcome is inevitable, when there is a logical end, that’s where God needs to show up and turn the tables, change the playing field.

God needs to show up and show His prowess, He needs you to fall face down in awe of the wonder of His works, He needs you to admit it was not within your power, that you do not know how it happened, He needs to get the glory. He needs you to recognize when something is a testimony so that a soul may be saved by your word. He needs the haters to be speechless.

Don’t you think it is funny that Lazarus and even Jesus, God’s very own son, both died before God moved? Why did He wait that long? Because someone would have come and given a scientific explanation, his illness was cured or something. What if Jesus had just been snatched off the cross in a flash of lightning? Would that have given God as much glory as the resurrection? HOW CAN YOU DOUBT HIM AFTER LAZARUS WALKED OUT OF HIS GRAVE AS IF HE HAD JUST HAD A LONG AFTERNOON NAP? You guys, his heart was not beating for 3 days, that means his brain was not getting oxygen for THREE DAYS! And he casually walked out of a GRAVE! I imagine someone believed Jesus that day, and a soul was saved.

Nowadays, I think we may be in situations that feel like that, where something was dormant, is dormant, believed to be dead, people are mourning, perhaps they have even stopped mourning because the moment has passed. BUT WHAT IF GOD IS SAYING, I AM JUST GETTING STARTED, what if it is all a part of the plan?

The verse I am referencing below speaks of a rock spilling honey, in case you did not read that properly, I will repeat it, A ROCK SPILLING HONEY. Logic would tell you that you do not gain much from a rock, logic would tell you that only bees give honey, but PROVISION FROM GOD FLOWS FROM THE MOST UNEXPECTED PLACES, because otherwise, how would you recognize it as God? I challenge you today, to look around, beyond logic and reason, to TRUST THAT A FLOOD IS COMING SIMPLY BECAUSE THERE IS A CLOUD THE SIZE OF A MAN’S HAND IN THE DISTANCE, to trust that the God that knew you even before He formed you, knows exactly what He is doing. Dare to believe that the resurrected King is resurrecting you.



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